News Blog: Public Faith and Finance

We would like to keep you informed about our research. Here you will find all the latest news about the project’s key developments, as well as information about any forthcoming activities, discussions and events. 

26 February 2016
With less than two weeks remaining to participate in our project, have you had your chance to tell us about your organisation and your contribution to help people in need?  Please make your opinions count by completing our Survey.

19 February 2016
Find out about some of our initial findings on the role of faith-based organisations and their engagement in financial services, alternative products and welfare support by reading our first blog post.

6 February 2016
Drawing on some of our preliminary findings from the survey, we are now beginning to collect additional data to showcase best practices and success stories of faith-based organisations, including different ways of engaging with financial provisions and initiatives to help the most vulnerable members of society. If you have exciting stories to share with us, or know of particular organisations who would like to do so, please get in touch and email:

1 February 2016
Have you already had a chance to complete the survey? With just a few weeks remaining, we would like to hear from you!  In your view, how does financial exclusion affect your faith community? Do you think religious values are important in promoting responsible approaches to finance and banking? Would stronger interfaith engagement and cooperation with business sector help to fight poverty and deliver better services on the local level? In your local community are people more affected by personal debts or the growing lack of access to financial services? And what about welfare policies – have they made your work more difficult or had little impact? To help us find answers to these and other questions, please visit us at:

18 January 2016
Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to our research and told us about many exciting initiatives and projects aimed at addressing financial exclusion, as well your  own perceptions of financial hardship and concerns about financial austerity.  We are now half way through our survey and if you haven’t had the chance to participate yet, please spend 10-15 minutes to answer our questions at:

1 December 2015
We are very pleased to announce that our survey is now online. Don’t miss your chance to participate and tell us about your organisation and the ways in which you engage in helping people in need, providing financial support, campaigning to reform financial services or developing new ethical products. Please take part yourself and spread the word. The survey will not take more than 10-15 minutes of your time and is available at:

30 October 2015
Today we had a very informative and productive meeting with members of the Advisory Board in London about the project’s progress and the ways to design our online survey. We are grateful to the Barrow Cadbury Trust for hosting our event and to everyone who took part and shared their suggestions with us.

1 October 2015
The official page for the project on Public Faith and Finance is now live. You can find more information about our research by visiting us at:

21 September 2015
We are pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with the Barrow Cadbury Trust. Funded by the ‘Resources and Resilience’ programme, our project will research the role of faith-based organisations in promoting effective strategies of reducing economic and social injustice.