Religious literacy

What role do faith-based organisations play in supporting people in financial need?

Drawing on preliminary results from Faith and Finance Survey, we are uncovering a variety of ways in which faith-based organisations and charities are making a significant contribution to alleviating poverty, tackling financial exclusion and advocating ethical products and interest-free forms of credit.

New project: RE 4 Real – What do school leavers really need to know about religion and belief?

The Faiths & Civil Society Unit (FCSU) at Goldsmiths, University of London is undertaking a cutting-edge project to explore what school leavers really need to know and understand about religion and belief in the contemporary world. This takes place in the context of a newly invigorated national conversation around the future of RE underway in the UK, which reveals a lack of clarity about how and where learning about religion and belief should take place, what it should consist of, and what it should be for.

Faith in Government

WARWICK HAWKINS of the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) introduces the work of CLG’s Faith Engagement team and outlines some of the Government’s recent efforts to include religious organisations in public life.