Counter-Extremism Strategy – Save the Date!

The Counter-Extremism Strategy Discussion Tuesday, 22 March, 3.00-4.30, Jubilee Room, House of Commons What are the responses and concerns of faith groups to the Counter-Extremism strategy and should people of faith be more concerned? FaithAction and the All-Party Parliamentary Faith and Society Group invite you to a discussion on the Counter-Extremism Strategy. Speakers include:   Liam Byrne, MP – ‘The conveyor belt versus the fork in the road: towards a new theory on radicalisation’ Fiona … Continued

Prevent: Failing Young British Muslims

Despite nearly a decade of implementing Prevent and the expenditure of millions of pounds of public money, Sadek Hamid suggests that there is very little evidence to suggest that it has succeeded in its intended outcomes, whilst the current approach focuses on symptoms rather than causes of radicalisation.

Building the Bridge: Muslim community engagement in Bristol

Commentators have argued that the city of Bristol managed to turn the implementation of Prevent into a genuine collaboration between public authorities and Bristol’s Muslim communities. Here, Aleksandra Lewicki, Therese O’Toole, Tariq Modood give an overview of their research into Bristol’s multi-agency consultative body ‘Building the Bridge’.

Initiatives to empower Muslim women as part of the UK’s ‘war on terror’

NAAZ RASHID: The Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) agenda included specific initiatives to empower Muslim women. Although ostensibly a response to genuine problems, Muslim women have been given a voice only as victims or survivors prepared to disclose their personal stories. Such initiatives as a result ultimately contribute to dehumanising stereotypes.