Social action and solidarity

RIAZ RAVAT: Rather than being tokenistic and of limited value, faith-based social action is a crucial means by which people can reconcile the implementation of the teachings of their respective faiths with their duties as citizens.

Re-narrating the model multicultural city

SEAN MCLOUGHLIN: The diverse local character and trajectories of South Asian diasporas in Britain have been written and represented by different constituencies in scholarship, oral history, novels and other forms of cultural production, as well as in the media and official reports. In this article, Seán McLoughlin uses these sources to look at the history of Asian migration to Leicester, and offers an account of the emergence of multicultural Leicester that challenges dominant narratives.

The religious life of a ‘plural city’

STEPHEN H. JONES & DOMINIC BAKER: Leicester is an extraordinarily rich and complex city, and it is easy to make mistakes about its population and its politics. Its religious makeup has altered again and again over the last hundred years. In this article, Stephen H. Jones and Dominic Baker introduce the city and provide background information that is crucial to understand why it has flourished in the past and the difficulties that it may face in future.

‘One Leicester’, holding together?

JOHN HALL: Leicester is not only a religiously diverse city but a place where faith groups and faith leaders play an unusually significant role, working with the council and playing a central part in the city’s public life. This short commentary offers an introduction to the festivals and community work for which Leiecster is well known, but warns against viewing the city through ‘rose tinted spectacles’.

‘A city united behind the message of common humanity’

SULEMAN NAGDI: The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) Leicester has been the largest Muslim voluntary association in the city for the last twenty-five years. In this short article, Suleman Nagdi, the FMO’s longstanding PR officer, offers his thoughts on the role played by Black Minority Ethnic (BME) people and organisations in the city and outlines what he sees as the city’s main strengths.

Leicester: resources for researchers

A collection of resources on Leicester for researchers, educators and policymakers, including maps of census data, council reports on the city and its inhabitants and highlights of recent academic research.