Faith and welfare

Faith and Finance Fair – Save the Date!

The Faith and Finance Fair, hosted by the University of Bristol, Public Spirit and FaithAction will bring together faith-based and community organisations, researchers and others to share information that can help boost social action and shape local delivery. 11 July 2016, Woburn House Conference Centre, London, WC1H 9HQ

Faith and the coalition

PAUL BICKLEY: It has been three years since the good ship Coalition embarked on its course; three years since Cameron and Clegg stood in 10 Downing Street’s rose garden heralding a ‘new politics’. Three years, arguably, in which the pessimists have been vindicated. But if the grand narrative has been one of disappointment, what can be said of the relationship between the government and faith groups?

Welfare is sacred

ADAM DINHAM: The British people love their welfare state almost as much as they used to love their church. Yet the Coalition government is systematically dismantling it in the name of small government and big society. Like the church, it isn’t till it’s gone that we’ll miss it, and the future of both – and Britain’s full diversity of faith traditions – are intertwined in complex and significant ways.