Ethical banking

Faith and Finance Fair – Save the Date!

The Faith and Finance Fair, hosted by the University of Bristol, Public Spirit and FaithAction will bring together faith-based and community organisations, researchers and others to share information that can help boost social action and shape local delivery. 11 July 2016, Woburn House Conference Centre, London, WC1H 9HQ

What role do faith-based organisations play in supporting people in financial need?

Drawing on preliminary results from Faith and Finance Survey, we are uncovering a variety of ways in which faith-based organisations and charities are making a significant contribution to alleviating poverty, tackling financial exclusion and advocating ethical products and interest-free forms of credit.

Islamic finance has something to teach us all and may have more freedom to flourish here in the UK

ELAINE HOUSBY: The main targets of the British government’s attempts to attract Islamic funds are the extractive economies of the Gulf – which offer a narrow interpretation of Islam. Yet look beyond this and it is possible to find deeper principles in Islamic finance that overlap with the strong British tradition of mutualism.