Reaction to the report of the Prevent Task Force

Sadek HamidBuilding on Public Spirit’s recent series on Prevent under the Coalition, Sadek Hamid, a contributor to this site, offers his reaction to the release of the report of the Prevent Task Force (TERFOR) in a new article published by Al-Jazeera. He asks why no mention is made of Muslim organisations consulted in the development of the report, and questions how the government will achieve the report’s aim of thwarting extremism by promoting integration. He concludes:

[The report] pledges to “support projects that demonstrate how communities come together”, and “give more support to those places which face the biggest integration challenges”. How are these objectives going to be met? Will there be new investment? If so, is there going be greater accountability for how funding is spent? Perhaps communities at risk such as those with high levels of EDL membership will be encouraged to integrate with Muslim communities? Full of opaque policy prescriptions, many of which would be difficult to implement, this nine-page report raises more questions than answers, inspires little hope for achieving its objective, and inadvertently increases the potential for Islamophobia.

Read the full article on Al-Jazeera here.

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