Muslim civil society: embattled or thriving?

MADEinEuropeMuslim civil society organisations have proliferated over the last two decades, and there are now a vast range of groups involved in everything from charitable work, environmental campaigning and social support to campaigning and lobbying. Yet the intense focus on Muslim organisations in the media – especially in relation to questions about extremism, segregation and women’s rights – means they do not always operate in a hospitable environment. In this series, Public Spirit examines different forms of Muslim civil society activism, providing an insight into a broad range of Muslim organisations that are rarely in the spotlight. We look into how they emerged, their motivations and affiliations, and they work they do.

Beginning in early November, this series will include articles on subjects such as the emergence of Muslim chaplaincy in prisons, schools and hospitals (Sophie Gilliat-Ray), the evolution of British Islamic activism (Sadek Hamid), the anti-war movement (Tim Peace) and the anti-poverty group MADE in Europe (Sarah Javaid and Mohammad Zaman).

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