Faith organisations and the Syrian refugee crisis

Faith-based organisations have engaged in a wide range of activities to help Syrian refugees, from raising funds and providing welfare support to campaigning on issues of resettlement and asylum.Simon James-Calais 2016

Churches and aid organisations across the UK have called on the government to take action, encouraging donations from church members, providing support wherever possible, and coordinating work through partner organisations… some of the latest examples can be found here

Muslim charities have organised emergency appeals for food and clothes, raised awareness and mobilised public support on community level. One of the successful initiatives was organised by Muslims in West London who visited refugee camps in Greece, with a help of donations raised by the West London Islamic Centre and wider community. They provided much needed food, medicine and clothing… read full story here

World Jewish Relief announced that extra money from donors will be used to provide language and employment training to Syrian refugees entering the UK. Three synagogue movements have also pledged £15,000 to help settle Syrian refugees in Britain. Reform Judaism, Liberal Judaism and Masorti have joined the Methodists, the Bishop of Barking and the Muslim Council of Britain in pledging to sponsor those fleeing the conflict and persecution… more details are available here

Citizens UK has already persuaded the 44 councils to offer more than 3,000 places to resettle refugees and identified 700 private landlords who are offering properties. While the Government is yet to announce details of the scheme and is looking at Canadian example of resettling thousands of Syrian refugees, Citizens UK has successfully campaigned for allowing Syrian children from the Calais camps to join their families already living in the UK…  read full story in The Guardian here


While many UK charities have been involved in raising funds to help the refugees, storm Desmond provided an opportunity for the Syrian refugees to “give something back” to the communities who have welcomed them in Manchester by helping to build flood defences… read full story in The Independent here


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