Faith and governance: why local context matters

Thinking FuturesPart of the Thinking Futures festival, 7th November, Watershed, Bristol, 6-8pm

Debates about faith participation in governance are vigorously contested, but all too regularly the distinctive challenges faced in different local contexts and the varying impact of national-level debates on different areas are neglected. Within the media and in the academic study of faith participation there has been a tendency to concentrate on the public pronouncements of politicians and policy discourses, leaving the complex interaction between national government and local political and civic organisations ignored.

This event will explore the involvement of faith leaders and faith-based organisations in governance at a local level in the UK, examining how national debates and changing national policy agendas influence governance in different areas and what looking at the wider implications of local context for national debates about faith and political engagement.

The event will feature presentations and a panel discussion and will feature Paul Weller (University of Derby), Maqsood Ahmed (Director of Community Development at Muslim Hands), Rebecca Catto (University of Coventry), Daniel Singleton (National Executive Director, FaithAction) and the research team for the ESRC/AHRC Religion and Society Programme study Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance.

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The event is being held at the Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol BS1 5TX

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