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Call for Evidence

Thank you all for making very interesting contributions to our research and sharing with us some of your initiatives to tackle indebtedness and develop more responsible financial provisions. Our online survey has now closed.

Please read our latest post about our preliminary findings and watch this space: ***Final Report is coming soon!***

About the research

‘Public Faith and Finance’ is a research project that is being conducted by a research team from Public Spirit and the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship. The team members are: Therese O’Toole (University of Bristol), Stephen Jones (Newman University) and Katya Braginskaia (University of Bristol).

Funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust’s ‘Resources and Resilience’ programme,  the research explores the role of faith-based organisations in developing alternatives to market-based financial services or models and building sustainable and socially just economic systems.

In the current climate of retrenchment and financial austerity, coupled with the growing rate of personal debt and the expansion of payday lenders, faith organisations are increasingly stepping in to deliver ethical ways of alleviating poverty, providing financial support, helping with debt management and advocating alternative financial models.

Building on Public Spirit’s earlier debates on the role of religion in addressing financial exclusion, the project explores the ways in which faith organisations are campaigning on financial regulation and creating alternative, interest-free credit arrangements, as well as supporting those experiencing financial hardship.

Case studies of faith initiatives

We are still collecting innovative case studies and success stories of how religious organisations can offer financial support through grassroot initiatives and community-based involvement,  including credit unions, Islamic banking and different forms of microfinance and debt counselling. We are planning to build an online resource of faith-based organisations and are very interested to hear from different organisations, including local churches, mosques, synagogues and temples. The findings from our survey and case studies will appear on Public Spirit

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