Public Faith and Finance

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What role do faith organisations play in building socially just financial services and reducing indebtedness?

A new project on ‘Public Faith and Finance‘ is investigating the role faith-based organisations play in addressing financial insecurity, whether through assisting those in financial need, campaigning on issues aimed at reforming financial practices or promoting alternative forms of finance or credit.

  • Have you provided or are providing advice on how to deal with personal debts and money concerns?
  • Have you run or are engaged in running financial activities or campaigns aimed at developing alternative financial products or promoting responsible finance?
  • Have you provided or are engaged in providing food or financial assistance to those experiencing financial hardship?

We would like to find out about your particular experiences and views on financial issues, and to learn more about your engagement with other faith groups and civil society organisations, local/national authorities and financial institutions.

Thank you for your participation. Your input and contribution are greatly appreciated!

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