Imran Awan

Imran_AwanImran Awan is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University.  He is an expert on Muslim communities, cyber hate, counter-terrorism and policing issues. He is the co-editor of the books ‘Policing Cyber Hate, Cyber Threats and Cyber Terrorism’ (2012) and ‘Extremism, Counter-Terrorism and Policing’ (2013).  He has been invited by the Office for Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism to a Prevent Seminar held in London to discuss government policy on how best to prevent violent extremism.  In 2011 Imran was invited by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to take part in a review of UK Government Counter-terrorism legislation and the impact it had upon Muslim communities. He is the Founder and Director of the Ethnic Minority Research Network in Criminology and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the Guardian, the New Statesman, Al Jazeera and the Independent.

Let’s prevent extremism by engaging communities, not isolating them