Conference on Islam and education

800px-Islamic_school_girlsOn 28th August 2013‏ the Bader International Study Centre will host a conference on ‘Islam and education’ organised by Professor Alison Scott-Baumann (University of Gloucestershire), Dr Theodre Gabriel (University of Gloucestershire), and Dr Sariya Contractor-Cheruvallil (University of Derby). The conference programme includes discussions of Islam and education in countries such as the UK, France and Turkey and covers a range of topics relevant to public policy, such as the viability of partnerships between dar ul-ulums (Islamic seminaries) and higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.

The conference venue will be Herstmonceaux Castle in Hailsham, East Sussex (BN27 1RN)

Details of the conference programme and how to book a place can be found here.

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