Local Spotlight

‘One Leicester’, holding together?

JOHN HALL: Leicester is not only a religiously diverse city but a place where faith groups and faith leaders play an unusually significant role, working with the council and playing a central part in the city’s public life. This short commentary offers an introduction to the festivals and community work for which Leiecster is well known, but warns against viewing the city through ‘rose tinted spectacles’.

‘A city united behind the message of common humanity’

SULEMAN NAGDI: The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) Leicester has been the largest Muslim voluntary association in the city for the last twenty-five years. In this short article, Suleman Nagdi, the FMO’s longstanding PR officer, offers his thoughts on the role played by Black Minority Ethnic (BME) people and organisations in the city and outlines what he sees as the city’s main strengths.

Leicester: resources for researchers

A collection of resources on Leicester for researchers, educators and policymakers, including maps of census data, council reports on the city and its inhabitants and highlights of recent academic research.

Spotlight on Leicester coming soon…

Every three months Public Spirit will host a series of articles placing the spotlight on a particular city in the UK. These will give an insight into the character of each area and its local politics and enable those working in policymaking to see how specific strategies are worked out. Public Spirit’s fist local spotlight will be on Leicester, the most religiously diverse city in the UK, and will appear on the site in September.